As an educator and a coach, Assemblyman Wimberly is an advocate for fully funding our schools, fair contracts for educators, nourished scholars, and  curriculum that prepares students for the pressing real-world challenges that await them. Throughout this Legislative Session, Assemblyman Wimberly advocated for the following bills: 


Employment Security for Coaches 

A5007: Establishes measures to provide employment stability for high school coaches employed in school districts.


Sensitivity Training

A4679: Directs Commissioner of Education to develop sensitivity training program for high school athletic directors, coaches, and sports officials of interscholastic athletic sports programs.


Nourished Scholars

A4702:Hunger-Free Campus Act"; requires Secretary of Higher Education to establish grant program to address food insecurity among students enrolled in public institutions of higher education; appropriates $1 million.

A447: Establishes "breakfast after the bell" incentive fund. 


Higher Education

A1149 /A327/A3254: Requires institutions of higher education to develop open textbooks available to students at no charge and requires buyback of used textbooks at 50 percent of the purchase price.

A322: Requires certain undergraduate students to file degree plan and requires public institutions of higher education to develop pathway systems to graduation. 


A654: Establishes task force to study issues related to the establishment of full-day kindergarten.