Assemblyman Wimberly recognizes that access to affordable housing remains an issue in New Jersey, including for his constituents in District 35.  Assemblyman Wimberly works endlessly to draft legislation that provides impactful solutions for his constituents, and all New Jerseyans. 

Below is a list of bills Assemblyman Wimberly has introduced to help resolve some of the many housing issues in New Jersey. 


Eviction Task Force Bill 

A4517 - Establishes "New Jersey Eviction Crisis Task Force." 


Tiny Home Legislation 

A4822 - Permits municipalities to lease vacant municipal land for tiny home occupancy;  directs DCA to enhance regulatory guidance on acceptable tiny home construction and use. 


Condemnation of US 2019 HUD Proposal

ACR238 - Condemns US Department of Housing and Urban Development rule proposal to weaken protections for homeless transgender persons


Energy Assistance

A3096Directs certain unclaimed electric and gas utility deposits in Unclaimed Utility Deposits Trust Fund and societal charge revenues to be paid to Statewide nonprofit energy assistance organizations meeting certain eligibility criteria.