A1118 Allows a gross income tax deduction for certain higher education tuition and fee expenses.

A1119 Concerns repayment of unemployment compensation overpayments.

A1120 Requires notice of cancellation or nonrenewal of automobile and homeowners insurance policies to be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested.

A1121 "State Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights."

A1122 Permits exterior-based property reassessments within eight years of last municipal-wide revaluation.

A1123- Clarifies procedures for restoration of driver's license after suspension; authorizes the court to waive imprisonment under certain circumstances.

A1124- Permits payment of only one co-payment or deductible for follow-up care or treatment after surgery or illness under certain health benefits plans.

A1125 - Changes types of development requiring CAFRA permit from DEP.

A1126 - Addresses various concerns affecting post-release employment.

A1127 - Provides that child study team members may be employees of the school district or of a DOE approved agency or clinic.

A1128 - Requires blood sample to be obtained from driver involved in motor vehicle accident resulting in death; designated as "Michelle Sous' Law."

A1129 - Prohibits certain employment actions against employees affected by a declared state of emergency.

A1130- Requires notice of certain transportation-related infrastructure projects and activities to be published on Internet website, and directs State Comptroller to monitor publication of those notifications.

A1131 - Requires Division of Purchase and Property to provide additional notification of contracting opportunities to vendors or potential vendors providing or interested in providing home health care services to State agencies.

A1132 - Requires safeguards for anonymity and confidentiality with respect to communications presented through phone lines, electronic communication systems, or websites dedicated to accepting anonymous tips for use by law enforcement in criminal investigations.

A1133 - Imposes $0.25 surcharge on alcoholic beverages to be dedicated to Alcohol Education, Rehabilitation and Enforcement Fund.

A1135 -"Responsible Dog Ownership Act."

A1136- Expands cities permitted to regulate days and hours when packaged goods may be sold.

A1137 - Imposes certain requirements on use of automated license plate readers by law enforcement agencies.

A1138 - Requires law enforcement agencies in this State to establish minority recruitment and selection programs; establishes reporting requirement.

A1139 - Restricts use of motorized skateboards.

A1140 - Designated the Equitable Disclosure Act of 2010, modifies provisions of MLUL concerning objectors to applications for development.

A1141 - Creates program for installing standby emergency power generators in new senior housing.

A1142 - Creates crime of victimization of persons with disabilities and senior citizens.

A1143 - Assigns financial responsibility of educating homeless student to district of attendance.

A1145 - Requires incarcerated individual be counted for redistricting purposes at previous address if State resident and not counted if incarcerated and not State resident.

A1146 - Establishes "New Jersey Investing in You Promise Neighborhood Commission"; appropriates $2 million.

A1148 - Requires school districts to maintain and pay premiums for student accident insurance.

A1149 - Requires institutions of higher education to offer open textbooks.

A1150 - Eliminates requirement that public-private partnership agreements for construction of certain higher education facilities be submitted to EDA for review and approval by certain dates.

A1151 - Clarifies and codifies certain inflatable ride safety requirements.

A1152- Increases fines for selling single cigarettes and cigarettes in packs of less than 20.

A2085- Concerns expedited process for foreclosing vacant and abandoned residential properties in uncontested actions.

A2161 - "HOPE Initiative Act;" requires establishment of public awareness campaign to educate citizens about dangers and causes of, and appropriate responses to, heroin and opioid addiction.

A2162 - Allows person on police officer or firefighter eligible list who is unable to complete requirements for employment due to certain military service to have name placed on subsequent eligible list.

A2163 - Enacts the "Reader Privacy Act."

A2164 -  "Healthy Small Food Retailer Act." *

A2165 - Grants credit against business income taxes to developer of rental housing reserved for occupancy by veterans.

A2166 - Establishes special parking for hybrid, electric, and alternative fuel vehicles.

A2401 - Authorizes issuance of Delta Sigma Theta license plates.

A2402 - Establishes "Victim-Witness Scholarship Fund;" establishes "Witness Protection Fund;" and concerns State forfeiture funds.

A2403 - Establishes "County Government Criminal Justice Reform Administration Fund"; increases certain fees and assessments.

A2404 - Provides gross income tax exclusion for capital gains from sale of certain employer securities.

A2406 -  Increases value of Economic Redevelopment and Growth Grant program residential tax credits to $926 million; restricts $103 million of tax credits to certain qualified residential projects and mixed use parking projects.

A2407 - Changes composition of State Employment and Training Commission.

A2408 - Concerns outreach and training for minorities and women in the construction industry.

A2409 - Establishes "Court Security Enhancement Fund" and increases court fees.

A2410 - Provides for voluntary contributions by taxpayers on gross income tax returns to support NJ SHARES.

A2411 - Establishes pilot program in Paterson authorizing non-disclosure of records of certain expungements.

A3096 - Directs certain unclaimed electric and gas utility deposits in Unclaimed Utility Deposits Trust Fund and societal charge revenues to be paid to Statewide nonprofit energy assistance organizations meeting certain eligibility criteria.* 

A3097 - Prohibits certain school districts under State intervention from leasing building if purchase price would be less than total costs of lease.

A3098 - Creates advisory council to oversee revision of core curriculum content standards.

A3099 - Makes supplemental appropriation of $3,100,000 to DOE to provide additional State school aid to Manchester Regional School District.

A3468 - Decriminalizes possession of 10 grams or less of marijuana and personal-use amount of regulated marijuana-infused products; requires substance abuse treatment under certain circumstances.

A3619 - Extends document submission deadline for certain residential and mixed use parking projects under Economic Redevelopment and Growth Grant program; increases maximum credit amounts awarded for certain residential and mixed use parking projects.

A4142 - Establishes that payment plan for motor vehicle surcharges is mandatory upon request; extends payment period.

Law and Public Safety

A4249 - Expands per adjusted admission charge on hospitals to create supplemental funding pool for State's graduate medical education subsidy; appropriates $24,285,714.*

A4374 - Establishes the "Safe and Sanitary Rental Housing Act."

A4502 - Allows for the establishment of a "County Tenant Legal Assistance Program" in each county; requires portion of the administrative fee for residential mortgage execution sales fund the program.

A4517 - Establishes "New Jersey Eviction Crisis Task Force."

A4538- Requires cost analysis in certain cases when State department contracts out work.

A4678 - Expands expungement eligibility; eliminates cap on number of convictions person may expunge; eliminates limitation on number of times person may be granted expungement.

A4679 - Directs Commissioner of Education to develop sensitivity training program for high school athletic directors, coaches, and sports officials of interscholastic athletic sports programs.*

A4680 - Requires public utilities to maintain customer billing records for duration of account and to refund full amount of any overpayment by customers.

A4702 - "Hunger-Free Campus Act"; requires Secretary of Higher Education to establish grant program to address food insecurity among students enrolled in public institutions of higher education; appropriates $1 million.

A4723- Requires certain schools to establish emergency action plans for responding to serious or potentially life-threatening sports-related injuries.

A4822 - Permits municipalities to lease vacant municipal land for tiny home occupancy; directs DCA to enhance regulatory guidance on acceptable tiny home construction and use.

A4843 - Requires establishment of Work and Learn Consortiums by certain educational institutions to establish certificate and degree programs identified in high labor-demand industries.

A4886 - Establishes transporting for slaughter, selling or otherwise providing for slaughter, or slaughtering gestating cow as crime of fourth degree; establishes criminal and civil penalties therefor; designated as Brianna's Law.

A4984- Requires owners of multiple dwellings with at least nine units to provide maintenance services 24 hours a day.

A4998 - Clarifies that "New Jersey Residential Mortgage Lending Act" applies to certain out-of-state persons involved in residential mortgage lending in State.

A5007 - Establishes measures to provide employment stability for high school coaches employed in school districts.

A5008 - Allows certain employees affected by federal government shutdown to temporarily defer mortgage loan payments and property tax payments.

A5185 - Revises neighborhood revitalization tax credit program to increase permitted annual tax credit allocation to $15 million.

A5382 - Establishes School Security Task Force.

A5447 - Allows certain senior citizens to apply for rent increase limit.

A5552 - Concerns provision of energy to certain manufacturing facilities by providing exemptions to certain energy related taxes.

A5586 - Concerns juvenile incarceration and parole.

A5695 - Makes FY 2020 language allocation of $1,000,000 appropriated to Grants for Urban Parks to Hinchliffe Stadium in Paterson.

A5696 - Makes FY 2020 supplemental appropriation of $2 million for William Paterson University of New Jersey.

A5702-  Makes Fiscal Year 2020 supplemental appropriation of $1,700,000 for Thomas Edison State University.

A5711 - "Fair Chance in Housing Act"; establishes certain housing rights of persons with criminal records.

ACR51 - "Fair Chance in Housing Act"; establishes certain housing rights of persons with criminal records.

ACR52 - Proposes Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights.

ACR105 - Reconstitutes the "Joint Committee on Economic Justice and Equal Employment Opportunity."

ACR107 - Proposes amendment to State Constitution to provide for elected State Comptroller and eliminate Office of State Auditor.

ACR138 - Urges FDA to expedite approval of additional epinephrine auto-injector device products.

ACR244 - Condemns federal rule proposal that would force families of mixed immigration status who reside in certain affordable housing to either separate or face eviction.

AJR29 - Designates May of each year as "Youth Smoking Prevention and Awareness Month."

AJR50 - Designates the month of September as "National Obesity Awareness Month" in New Jersey.

AJR201 - Establishes "Persons with Disabilities and Senior Citizen Transportation Services Task Force" to study and make recommendations concerning ways to improve transportation services for persons with disabilities and senior citizens.

AR42 - Urges Congress to pass "Community Parks Revitalization Act."

AR43 - Urges Congress and President of United States to eliminate funding disparities among land-grant institutions of higher education. *