Senior citizens throughout the State of New Jersey are sometimes forgotten about, discriminated against, and mistreated. At times, they have become marginalized. Assemblyman Wimberly is an advocate for senior citizens in New Jersey, and strives to create and support legislation that protects their rights. Assemblyman Wimberly and his District Office, are committed to addressing the concerns of every senior citizen who calls, Email, or steps foot in the office; making their concerns a priority. 


Through outreach, Assemblyman Wimberly has been learning about the problems that many senior citizens are facing, which has led Wimberly to draft more legislation that caters to the needs and concerns of senior citizens:


"Senior Citizen Tenant Protection Act”

A5447: Allows certain senior citizens to apply for rent increase limit. 


Emergency Power Assistance

A1141: Creates program for installing standby emergency power generators in new senior housing.